yarn upgrade-interactive

This is similar to npm-check interactive update mode. It provides an easy way to update outdated packages.

yarn upgrade-interactive [--latest]

upgrade-interactiveupgrade 命令采用相同的参数和功能。 在执行升级操作之前,此命令将显示已过期的包列表,并允许用户选择相应的想要升级的包。 Yarn will respect the version ranges in package.json when determining the version to upgrade to.

You can think of yarn upgrade-interactive as a combination of the yarn outdated and yarn upgrade [package...] commands. Where yarn outdated displays the list of outdated packages and yarn upgrade [package...] can then be used to upgrade desired packages, yarn upgrade-interactive displays the same outdated package list and lets you immediately chose which to upgrade.

--latest : 此标志告知 yarn 忽略 package.json 中指定的版本范围,改用资源库中标为 latest 的版本。

[1/? 选择更新哪些包。 (按空格键选择,a 键切换所有,i 键反选选择)
❯◯ autoprefixer      6.7.7  ❯  7.0.0          https://github.com/postcss/autoprefixer#readme
 ◯ webpack           2.4.1  ❯  2.5.1          https://github.com/webpack/webpack

 ◯ bull              2.2.6  ❯  3.0.0-alpha.3  https://github.com/OptimalBits/bull#readme
 ◯ fs-extra          3.0.0  ❯  3.0.1          https://github.com/jprichardson/node-fs-extra
 ◯ socket.io         1.7.3  ❯  1.7.4          https://github.com/socketio/socket.io#readme
 ◯ socket.io-client  1.7.3  ❯  1.7.4          https://github.com/Automattic/socket.io-client#readme